Memory Improve Master Free

Memory Improve Master Free 6.1

Another of those programs that claim to speed up or improve your RAM

This is just another of those memory improving programs that claim to speed up or improve your RAM memory (which is just not true, because everyone knows that RAM has a limited capability depending on the hardware installed). All these programs do is free up RAM. That doesn’t mean clearing up memory, they just transfer some memory contents to the page file.

Nevertheless, this program has a quite nice interface. It is very small, doesn’t use much system resources, and doesn't cause problems with the usual workflow. It can even run in the background. It includes a process management tool where you get information about running processes - just like the task manager. Also, the path of the exe files is shown, which is quite useful at times.

The system tune-up section shows settings related to Windows file access and memory: Always unload DLLs, NTFS performance settings, UDMA 66 settings, and icon cache size. Don’t change anything unless you know what you are doing, because you can damage your system.

The main part, the memory optimization page, offers these options: “Fast Free” and “Deep Compress”. The Deep Compress option transfers the memory contents to the hard disk. You can use it if your available RAM level is low when you need to run some big programs like Photoshop. Also, you can set the program to automatically optimize memory. If unsure, just set it to default for running in the background.

Zack Martin
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  • Automation settings
  • Settings to speed up Windows file access and graphics
  • Freeware


  • Slows down the system if used without much experience
  • Doesn't actually speed up your memory
  • You must have administrative powers to run the program
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